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Uncompromisingly geared for use in extreme conditions, the PARALUX® safety lamps are the perfect companion for professional users. Certified according to DEKRA, ATEX and IECEx standards, the PARALUX® safety lamps fulfil the requirements for ATEX protection in zones 0, 1 or 2 and STAUBEX protection in zones 21 or 22, depending on the model. Professionals can trust in safe light in any dangerous situation.


In order to be able to keep working even under poor light conditions, experts from building services, maintenance and trade as well as industry rely on X-TREME® safety lamps by PARAT. They offer an excellent combination of high-class materials, long durability and maximum brightness. Combined with the PARASNAP® lamp mounting system, our X-TREME® safety lamps stand for the perfect symbiosis between ease of movement and illuminated working area.


Professionals depend on reliable equipment. Fire-fighting crews, disaster management experts and armed forces must be able to rely on safe light during operations even under extreme conditions. Also, police forces, security staff and industry workers depend on well-functioning safety lamps. PARALUX® safety lamps are the perfect equipment solution for these groups of professionals thanks to high-quality materials and essential certifications, which can save a life.


The innovative PARASNAP® lamp mounting system is an unbeatable combination of magnetic force and mechanical attachment. Fitted with a base unit, the safety lamp can be securely attached to a helmet or belt using the SNAP-IN bracket. The bracket with fine angle adjustment mechanism allows for flexible beam direction. The clever PARASNAP® lamp holder (certified according to DIN EN 433:2008) enables quick and easy fastening and removing of the lamp with the helmet on – and with just one hand. A perfect system on which you can rely in any operation.


PARAT safety lamps combine high-class materials with a compact shape. Sophisticated component design features such as rubberized lamp head and high-impedance or non-conductive plastic have been selected with careful consideration to suit the needs of the professional user. Being 100 % watertight and dustproof according to IP68, the safety lamps can be used in any job without hesitation, even under the most adverse conditions.


Dense clouds of smoke, dark rooms and buried houses – no problem for PARAT safety lamps: The brightness of the highly-functional LED reflector of up to 170 lumens* brings light to poorly illuminated rooms, a beam range of up to 200 meters guarantees that every detail can readily be seen even from larger distances. Your colleagues are always clearly visible on the job and can be easily noticed even under extreme conditions.

*information from the LED manufacturer referring to the lamp


Our safety lamps are optimized for usability. Batteries can be easily replaced without much effort even in high pressure situations and make the safety lamp ready for operation again within a few seconds, the rubberized rear switch enables practical one-hand operation of the lamp. With the model-specific fastening clip, the safety lamp can either be worn attached to your shirt pocket or easily secured to a clipboard.


Connected in series with a small footprint, the bipolar power management system of the PARAT safety lamps guarantee a long service life. This way, professional users can always rely on safe light even in tough conditions. An easily accessible battery compartment is designed to easily adapt and change the power supply and allows for a fast and smooth replacement of the battery pack.

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